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Probe For EPMA – Enterprise Software

The Probe For EPMA software suite is composed of over 50 megabytes of quantitative analytical software designed to control high-resolution wavelength dispersive x-ray spectrometers. Created with an exceptional number of features, Probe For EPMA-Enterprise is designed to satisfy research scientists and analytical technicians. The latest quantitative algorithms are utilized within Probe For EPMA. At its core, the Tri-ZAF Quant Engine combines data reduction routines from a broad cross-section of electron microprobe scientists.

Key Features:

  • Tri-ZAF Quant Engine
  • Analyze Be to Fermium
  • Analyze up to 40 Elements
  • Analyze up to 2000 samples
  • Analyze up to 100,000 points per run
  • Each analysis stores all data to one Microsoft Database file for simplicity
  • Define Automated Peaking, Standardization, and Multiple Unknown Analyses
  • Connects directly to JEOL 8200 and 8900 via JEOL network hub
  • Analyze Ka, Kb, La, Lb, Ma, Mb X-Ray Lines
  • Define multiple sample types – Increase analytical efficiency
  • Geologic Modal Analysis
  • Geologic End-Member Calculations
  • Graphic Periodic Table for Crystal Selection
  • Graphic Stage Maps
  • Graphic Background Modeling
  • Integrated NIST X-Ray Table
  • Simple Peak Overlap Correction
  • Exports Data to Excel
  • Optional Integrated Electron Imaging
  • Integrated Plotting
  • Advanced Trace Element Analysis
  • Control up to 4 stage motors – X, Y, Z, Rotation
  • Control up to 9 WDS spectrometers
  • Create Automatic WDS Quantitative Surfer TM Plots (surface, color, and contour plots)
  • Standard Concentration Database
  • Standard Position Database
  • Define Multiple Automated Unknown Acquisition Options:
       -Random Points
       -Irregular polygons
       -Random Points or Lines using Optional Digital Electron Images
  • One Timer/Scaler per spectrometer permits different counting times for each element, increasing efficiency

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