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Restored Electron Microprobes

restore electron microprobesAdvanced MicroBeam can completely restore electron microprobes formerly manufactured by Applied Research Labs. The old column control and scanning electronics are replaced by CS3000 column Control electronics manufactured by  CamScan Electron Optics LTD.

Eight microprobes are in stock and ready to configure to your specifications.

  • Standard 40KV Electron Gun Supply - 50 KV Optional
  • Beam Current Stabilizer Option
  • Helios - PC Based Column Control Software
  • Condenser 1 Lens Control
  • Condenser 2 Lens Control
  • Sweep Driver Lens Control
  • Objective Lens Control
  • Stigmator Coil Control
  • Precision Linear Electronics
  • Constant Power Filament Supply Provides Long Filament Life and Stability
  • Worldwide Support
  • Up to 6 Wavelength Spectrometers
  • Turbo Pump Option
  • Video Camera Option
  • EDS System Option
  • Digital Imaging and Mapping Option

CamScan CS3000 SEM Console

6 WDS Spectrometers

The Spectrometer Console supports up to 6 WDS Spectrometers plus an EDS Detector

24 Hour Beam Current Stability with Optional Beam Stabilizer

Turbo Pump

Turbo Pump Option


Video Camera Option