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JEOL 733 Electron Microprobe

  • Probe For EPMA-E Software
  • Optional Integrated Electron Imaging
  • New Ultra Low Vibration Servo Motors for Spectrometers
  • New Ultra Low Vibration Servo Motors for Stage
  • Low Vibrations decrease EDS detector noise and increase stage- spectrometer gear life
  • New X, Y, Z Joystick with Faraday Cup, Jog, Speed Buttons
  • All Motors have Hewlett-Packard TM Optical Position Encoders
  • Encoder Resolution: .1 micron
  • Industrial Grade PC Computer
  • New Low Noise WDS Preamps
  • New Pulse Height Analyzers
  • Unmatched Reliability
  • Upgradeable to 8200 or 8900 with Network Cable
  • Universal Electronics Chassis provides new 2 / 4 crystal flipping circuits, Faraday Cup Control, Real Time Faraday/Absorbed Current Display, Limit Switch Buffers, Smart-Stage Computer/Manual Controller, Inspection Lamp Pass-through, Motor Amplifiers
  • New Dual Faraday Current / Absorbed Current Digitizer
  • New Cabinet Provides Improved Cable Management and Serviceability